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Welcome to Kuopio on 5th & 6th & 7th of August 2016


Three shows, three opportunities to win.

5th of August 2016 - international all breed dog show (CACIB)

6th of August 2016 - international all breed dog show (CACIB)

7th of August 2016 - international all breed dog show (CACIB)





Unfortunately Francisco Salvador Janeiro is not able to come to judge at the Sawo Show 2016 dog shows.
See all changes at updated schedules. They are marked with red color.

Please NOTE that there are changes to judging times of breeds in rings!
- On Friday judging at ring 16 will begin at 10am.
- On Saturday judging of bichon frise will begin at 10am.
- On Sunday judging at ring 4 will begin at 10am.


» Schedules on Friday 5.8.

» Schedules on Saturday 6.8.

» Schedules on Sunday 7.8.

» RING MAP (pdf)


Please note!
- It's permite to set your tents up on Thursday begin 6pm.
- Turist dogs are allowed to the show as long as the vaccinations are in order and you have te documentations with you.


Results from Sawo Show

» Results - Friday 5.8.

» Results - Saturday 6.8.

» Results - Sunday 7.8.






» List of judges



Show will be held at Sorsasalo Horse Track.
Address: Puikkarintie 20 70420 Kuopio




Entries should be made using Finnish Kennel Clubs entry form

Send your entries at latest 15.5. /26.6.2016 to:

PL 50
FI-02771 ESPOO

Entry fees

When entering before 15.5.2016 the fees are:
38 € / dog
puppies and veterans 28 €
veterans over 10 years when entered to veteran class are free of charge
Junior Handling 10 €

The fees paid between 16.5 - 26.6.2016 are:
42 € / dog
puppies and veterans 28 €
veterans over 10 years when entered to veteran class are free of charge
Junior Handling 10 €

Betalningar från utlandet/payments from abroad:
IBAN FI8047870010013028

Bank name and address:
Tuusniemen Osuuspankki
Juankosken konttori
Poikkitie 5
73500 Juankoski


Inquiries concerning entries: Showlink, or monday to friday at 11-17 tel. +358 9 88730320

Please note!

The copy or receipt of the payment where payment information can be cheked, must be enclosed with the entry forms. Entry forms without a copy of the receipt attached will be returned.

To enter in championclass a championship certificate is needed, to enter in working class a wcc (working class certificate) with information of trial results is needed.  If mentioned certificates are missing, the dog will be automatically entered in "Open Class".

Cropped and docked dogs
Cropped and docked dogs born after 1.1.2001 are not allowed to participate shows held in Finland.

Vaccination instructions for the Show
The show is subject to the vaccination directions approved by the Finnish Kennel Club.
The organizers are obliged to inspect vaccination certificates for all dogs taking part. All dogs participating in the Show or trials must have a valid certificate of vaccination against distemper and rabies.

Please, check the custom regulations for importing dogs to Finland.
Check also your own country's regulations when turning back.

See importation requirements to Finland from Evira website.

The Anti-Doping rules, approved by the Council of the Finnish Kennel Club (27.11.2005) have come into force on 1.1.2007. These rules concern all the shows, trials and tests approved by the Finnish Kennel Club. Visit also for current information.